Baby Bath Pillow

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Making bath time a moment of joy for you and your baby 

The bath pillow will support and protect your baby, giving you and your child a stress free bathing experience. The pillow does not only provide physical support for your baby but will also reassure them.

Thanks to our product, your child will be more calm and you can fully enjoy the shared moment knowing, that your child is not frightened or stressed.

Comfort is key

The bath pillow is made up of soft and comfortable material and its design provides the perfect posture for your baby during a bath.

In addition to creating a safe and comfortable bathing environment for your baby, our bath pillow also creates a sense of relief for you as a parent. You will no longer have the constant fear of your baby turning over, which will also remove the strain of having to hold him/her during the entire bath. 

Safety first 

With its three adaptive straps adaptable to bathtubs, the bath pillow ensures safety, while you give your baby a bath. In addition, thanks to its non-slip surface, your baby will not slip or bump into the sides of the bathtub.

Simple installation 



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Technical description

Composition: Polyester, Lycra

Dimensions: 22" x 13 x  4"