Luminous Night Blanket

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Peaceful nights!

Nights with young children can often be a stressful ordeal for parents. As a parent you know that a bad night’s sleep will affect not only you as a parent, but also your child.

The Luminous Blanket allows your child to sleep peacefully in an environment they feel safe in, as its glow provides light even on the darkest of nights.

A magical world!

Not only does the blanket help your child sleep, but it will accompany your child to every imaginary world or adventure they may enter.

A multifunctional blanket

The blanket can accompany your child anywhere in the house, therefore it will also give it a “security blanket” feel, which makes it easier for your child to sleep, as they will feel more secure with a familiar object.

The original gift 

Do you want to give a unique gift? Look no further, you've found it! The luminous blanket is both original and will certainly delight parents and children! 



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Technical description

Phosphorescence: Please expose the cover to daylight during the day so that it can glow in the dark.

Dimensions: 39 x 29"

Composition: Polyester fibres