Water Sprinkler for Bath- Baby'Neoumi

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Bathe your baby ideally

The "elephant" water sprinkler was designed to be the perfect form to bathe your baby without having to constantly hold the shower head.

The hose collects water from the bath, just like a fountain system! You can angle the sprinkler as you wish, providing you with a hands free experience, making it easier to bathe your baby from head to toe without a rush!

Also suitable for older kids

As the years go by, your child will grow and will finally be able to take his or her bath independently, like a grown-up!

This product provides an enjoyable  bathing experience for your child! Your child will be able to have fun with the sprinkler, while making it easier to get them into the bath.

Easy to install and operate

Nothing could be easier to install and use than this sprinkler! 4 suction cups are included, which can be attached to anything, e.

The attached hose collects the water from the bath to the water sprinklers. In addition there is a very simple on/off button for the sprinklers.

The original gift

Are you looking for an original gift  for (future) parents? Then choose this "elephant" water sprinkler that will certainly delight parents and their children!



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Technical description

Dimensions (length x width): 27 x 6,3"

Functioning: Requires 4 AAA batteries to be inserted in the case which is totally waterproof.